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Latest updates from the campaign:


Monday, May 11th 2021:

Well, things keep getting worse for Colonial Pipeline. Not only has Colonial not fully answered questions as to the massive gas leak in Huntersville, but as a result of its ineffective leadership and weak cybersecurity protocols, a ransomware attack has forced their systems to shutdown.

Panic buying has now led to gas shortages right here in Huntersville, And states of emergency have been announced in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. It is not out of the realm of possibility that gas prices will now climb.

The leak alone was enough to demand answers from Colonial Pipeline, but this latest episode is enough for me to demand Colonial Pipeline CEO Joe Blount to publicly explain in detail his failures and to resign.


Friday, August 14th 2020:

The Colonial Pipeline leaked approximately 354,000 gallons of gas into the ground near the intersection of Huntersville-Concord and Asbury Chapel road. To date limited information has been provided as to the long term effects the spill may have on the drinking water in the nearby homes. I believe Colonial Pipeline owes the people of Huntersville an explanation for what happened, the long term affects of the spill and what, if any relief and or compensation is owed to those who have been affected. I demand answers for the people of Huntersville!!!

I will always fight for the people of Huntersville - I don't care who I have to fight to help it either.

After the Colonial Pipeline Gas spill, I reached out to Congresswoman Alma Adams for a comment as to what is being done in the US Congress to expose this disaster (as it has gotten little to no media coverage). The person who answered her office phone had no idea what I was talking about- they didn't even have talking points available!

When she wasn't buying or trying on another goofy hat, she made time to tweet about the gas spill, so thank you Alma, your tweet fixed everything! Huntersville is anxiously awaiting your next tweet on the gas leak.

Alma Adams represents District 12 in the US Congress, but don't expect her to be able to find Huntersville without GPS. 

This also goes to Senators Burr and Tillis and Governor Cooper - Huntersville needs your attention.


Saturday, May 22, 2021 6:50 PM

Calling out Colonial Pipeline

I spoke at the Townhall meeting held at the Huntersville Recreation Center on May 17th.

I urged the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners to force Colonial Pipeline Representatives to hold Q&A sessions with the residents most impacted by the spill, and to force Colonial to answer questions in front of the board by revoking permits or holding them back until they agreed to appear.

I then presented 3 questions Colonial Pipeline needs to answer:

"How antiquated is the pipeline that it took two men riding dirt bikes in the woods to alert them of the leak?"

"What measures have been taken to ensure this never happens again?"

"Will an escrow account be created to compensate any of the homeowners who experience health issues or need to move because of the spill?"

"Will any of Colonial pipelines representatives be willing to drink well water from within a half mile of the spill in front of the entire town to prove its safe?"

My entire commentary to the Mayor and Board of Commissioners can be viewed


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