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I believe in the survival of small businesses as essential to the the traditions of small towns and communities. As such, I want those businesses to operate in an environment that is friendly to them and provides an environment for them to create jobs.

School choice is a right of every parent that should not be infringed upon. No parent should be forced to send their child to a failing school because of their address. This is an issue close to my wife and I and to the families I have had the privilege to have spoken with. This is an issue I promise you I will fight to keep!

Property taxes should remain low to encourage growth that benefits the community at large. As Huntersville has grown there has been an uptick in our property taxes. If our taxes are going to increase, then our schools, roads and parks should reflect the increases.

There are few things in life that are more frustrating than battling traffic. The roads in Huntersville need to support the population growth. The roads should have shoulders and more turn lanes to reduce the congestion on the city streets and outlets. There should be more bike lanes to increase the safety of cyclists who currently share narrow roads with motor vehicles. 

Expanding our parks and encouraging redevelopment is a key solution to keeping Huntersville beautiful. Losing our forested areas to housing developments and commercial buildings without planning for the increases in traffic is irresponsible. We should ensure turn lanes are created for safe entry into newly developed areas and designate more wooded lands as sanctuaries not to be developed.

As someone who lives close to the pipeline spill, I will fight for Colonial Pipeline to be held responsible for any long term affects to impacted homeowners and residents.



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